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The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids

Ghosts.jpg (5232 bytes) #5.  Ghosts Don’t Eat Potato Chips

Eddie’s grandmother makes him take food to his sick Aunt Mathilda.  Aunt Mathilda is very cranky.  Howie thinks he sees a man in the attic window even though Aunt Mathilda lives alone and then the word attic is spelled out in Howie’s garlic chips.  All four kids go to warn Aunt Mathilda that someone may be in her attic.  They end up warming her supper up in the attic and learning to play poker.  They burn her supper, hear strange noises coming from the attic, and go to Burger Doodle for super.  Eddie stays behind to clean up the burned mess, which is somehow magically cleaned. A trail of garlic chips leads up to the attic.  Could there really be a ghost living in the Aunt Mathilda’s attic?