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The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids

Santa.jpg (7820 bytes) #3. Santa Claus Doesn’t Mop Floors

Mr. Dobson, the janitor, quits after Eddie and Howie smear peanut butter all over the stair railing.  Mrs. Jeepers is gone and Mrs. Ewing is the third grade substitute teacher.  Principal Davis tells the third grade they must clean the school until a new janitor arrives.  Finally Mr. Jolly comes to the rescue.  His keys jingle as he mops the floor and he loves to keep the building cold.  Mr. Jolly writes in a little red notebook and has a friend name Eli.  Eli is short, has a pointy black beard and dresses all in green.  Eddie toilet papers the teacher’s lounge in an effort to get rid of Mr. Jolly (Eddie doesn’t like him because he keeps the building so cold.)  Magically, the lounge is cleaned up almost instantly.  Eddie enlists Melody’s help to squirt whipped cream all over the hallway, but that too is magically cleaned up.  Eddie gets sick from eating too much whipped cream. Eddie throws up on Mr. Jolly’s shoes, but his shoes are almost instantly clean again.  Could Mr. Jolly really be Santa Claus???