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The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids

Mermaid.jpg (7520 bytes) #26.  Mermaids Don’t Run Track

The third graders go to Camp Lone Wolf for three days for a district wide track meet.  They hope to beat the Sheldon Sharks.  They are worried about seeing Mr. Jenkins again (who they think is a werewolf).  They meet Miss Waterford, who looks like a model or a princess from a fairy tale.  She has long blond hair that goes all the way down her back.  A sea shell comb pulls her shiny hair away from her face.  She loves to run, but does not like to get wet.  She also sings and somehow her singing seems to almost entrance the kids-when she sings they run faster!  She looks amazingly like a picture they see of a sailing ship mermaid, so Liza decides that Coach Waterford must be a mermaid, especially since Coach Waterford has very large feet.