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The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids

Mummies.jpg (8043 bytes) #21.  Mummies Don't Coach Softball

Coach Ellison has gone on a cruise and left Coach Tuttle to help them beat the Sheldon Shooters.  Coach Tuttle has jet black hair, cut in a straight line over his eyebrows.  A fat bandage is stuck over his suntanned nose.  He also has a bandage on his right hand and a bandage wrapped around his chin.  When the kids first meet him he stumbles down off the bleachers and twists his ankle.  He pulls a big ball of white elastic bandage out of his black bag and wraps his ankle and half of his leg. In fact, every time they see Coach Tuttle he gets hurt and has to wrap himself in white bandages.  Liza makes the comment that he is beginning to look like a mummy.  Lisa tells her friends that she thinks Coach Tuttle is a mummy, but they don’t believe her until an ancient curse threatens to make them loose every ballgame!