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The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids

Wizards.jpg (7339 bytes) #20.  Wizards Don't Need Computers

Eddie, Melody, Liza, and Howie (the Bailey School kids) must do a report on England so they go to the Bailey City library.  Eddie complains until he sees the huge fish tank behind the librarians’ counter.  Little fish swim around a castle with one huge goldfish named Arthur.  Howie is perplexed because he was just at the library yesterday and there was no fish tank.  How could Mr. Merle, the new assistant, have put it up so quickly?  The kids can’t check the card catalog because it’s being changed over to the computer.  Mr. Merle helps them find good books.  He gives Howie one called Arthur and Camelot.  Eddie finds a book named Soccer.  Eddie is delighted when Mr. Merle tells him that soccer is a very popular sport in England and it would make an excellent topic for your report.  The next morning Howie tells his friends about Camelot, King Arthur, Merlin, and the Knights of the Round Table. Liza looks at his book.  She sees a picture of Guinevier, the Queen of Camelot.  Liza gasps when she sees a picture of Merlin The Wizard.  It looks just like Mr. Merle! Could he really be the famous wizard, Merlin???