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The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids

Buses.jpg (7515 bytes) #19.  Gargoyles Don't Drive School Buses

Liza, Eddie, Melody, and Howie (the Bailey School kids) have to do a report about rocks.  The new bus driver, Mr. Stone, takes the kids to the public library on the bus.  The bus driver wears sunglasses, has gray hair combed into points behind his ears and eyes like a cloudy sky.  Even his droopy wrinkled skin looks gray.  He has a deep gravely voice and stone cold hands.  The bus driver comments on how the library is his favorite place and Liza agrees.  She points out the five gargoyles on the top of the old building.  Howie chokes - he thinks he saw one of the gargoyles move.  The library is a mess-a window is broken and pipes leak.  Mr. Cooper shows them the drawing of the brand new library - they need a bigger library.  Liza is upset because they plan to tear down the old library.  Howie thinks someone is watching them.  Whoever was watching them went onto the roof.  They notice that there are six gargoyles now and one of them looks exactly like Mr. Stone.  Howie reminds them of the legend that gargoyles can come to life...he thinks Mr. Stone IS a gargoyle!