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The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids

Martjpg.jpg (6954 bytes) #18.   Martians Don't Take Temperatures

A wind storm chases the kids inside.  The red dust stirred up by the storm causes Liza to sneeze.  The kids decide to take her to the nurse.  On the way the kids see a mysterious woman who doesn’t seem to be able to open the school door.   Nurse Smedley retired so the principal, Mr. Davis tries to take Liza’s temperature.  The mysterious woman shows up to help.  She is wearing light green pants and a heavy green winter coat.  Bright pink lipstick covers her mouth and green eyeshadow covers her eyelids.  She has gray hair and is very short.  She has a huge silver suitcase and tells Principal Davis she is Nurse Redding, the new school nurse.  She gives Liza some green medicine and Liza is good as new.  The school nurse does a routine check-up on the class and uses strange words and measurements.  She uses an eye chart with strange letters and is shocked when the scale shows how much people weigh.  Even water is strange to her. Howie tells everyone that Nurse Redding is from Mars!