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The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids

Zombies.jpg (7873 bytes) #15.  Zombies Don't Play Soccer

The Bailey Boomers haven’t won a single game all year with Coach Ellison as their coach.  After Eddie puts vinegar in Coach Ellison’s water bottle, Coach Ellison find them a new coach.  Coach Graves is a very tall woman with wide shoulders and a sweatband around her head.  She wears a T-shirt that says Coach and came all the way from New Orleans to be their new coach.  She makes them practice hard and teaches them teamwork.  Eddie tells them that they’ll be good enough to beat the Sheldon Shooters.  They see an wrinkled old woman in a black dress with long stringy hair yelling at the coach.  The old woman tells Coach Graves to come with her now, or she’ll be sleeping here forever.  At the next practice, Coach Graves stares into space and Melody tells them that she thinks the old woman turned Coach Graves into a zombie!