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The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids

Gremlins.jpg (7333 bytes) #13.  Gremlins Don’t Chew Bubble Gum

The lights go out at Bailey Elementary and Melody is sent to the office.  The temporary replacement for the secretary is Miss Kidwell.  She is the tiniest woman Melody has ever seen.  She is wearing along lime-green dress covered with bright orange flowers.  Her jet-black braids stick out all over her head and are sparkled with streaks of silver.  Melody begins to suspect that Miss Kidwell is a gremlin because of some of the strange things she does.  Howie’s dad tells them that gremlins were blamed during World War I to explain some of the strange problems with airplanes.  The next day Miss Kidwell touches Eddie’s broken airplane science project and it works.  Almost too well, in fact, because it dive bombs Mrs. Jeepers!  After school, the bus refuses to work and when it finally does the horn plays nursery rhymes.  Miss Kidwell sees the bus, laughs, and says the bus honking is a pretty good trick.  Miss Kidwell now has five charms on her bracelet: a lightbulb, a clock, a radio, a plane, and a bus.  Howie realizes that those are all the things that have gone wrong in the school lately.  More and more things go wrong until the kids decide they have to bring some good luck to Bailey School! Will Eddie’s lucky underwear be enough to save a gremlin from wrecking the school???