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The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids

Cupid.jpg (8403 bytes) #12.  Cupid Doesn’t Flip Hamburgers

When the Bailey School kids go to the cafeteria, it looks like a card shop exploded in it.  All sizes of red, pink, and white paper hears were plastered to the walls, hanging from the ceiling, and even stuck onto the garbage cans.  They find out the hearts were all put up by Mrs. Rosenbloom, the new cook.  Mrs. Rosenbloom gives Carey a heart pin and special cookie.  Carey immediately falls in love with Eddie, which Eddie can’t stand.  Soon every one is falling in love and it’s causing big trouble!  Eddie gets the idea to make an anti-love potion.  Howie and Eddie put every awful thing in it they can think of like vinegar and lemon juice.  They use ketchup to make it red.  Will the anti-love potion solve their love sickness???